Travel and Transport

Travel and Transport Croydon SAM is located within five minutes walk from west croydon train stations as well as bus stops.  So we encourage the use of sustainable travel such as public transport, cycling and walking.

See the links below on how to plan your journey.

Transport Direct and Transport for London both provide on-line journey planners to help you plan your journey to Croydonsam. They give information on all modes of travel.

Transport for London (TFL)

Transport for London offers students 30% discount on travel fares.  What you need is to register with the Tfl by completing an application form, which you have to attach a digital passport-sized photo and a payment of £5 either by credit or debit card.  You can apply online for the 18+ Student Oyster photo card.

For further assistance, please visit us and will help you to complete the process.

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